Moving on a Budget: Cost-Saving Strategies for Student Relocations

Budgeting plays a significant part in student life. Managing your expenses, especially when moving, can be challenging, regardless of whether you are moving to a new student accommodation, shared house, or city. This blog will explore some cost-saving strategies to help you move home without breaking the bank.  

  1. Planning 

A successful relocation means a lot of planning in advance. Make a checklist of all the things you need to do prior, during and after the move. This includes finding a new home, packing, arranging transport and researching removal services, if you are thinking of using one.  

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    1. Declutter!  

    Moving provides you with the perfect opportunity to declutter and streamline your belongings. Earn some extra cash by selling clothes, furniture, and appliances that you don’t use anymore through online marketplaces like Vinted and eBay. For the rest, you can donate to local charity shops and thrift stores or recycle them. Be realistic with what you plan to keep, by setting yourself the one-year rule: if you haven’t used it in the past year, it’s time to say goodbye!  

    1. Packing materials 

    Before considering purchasing packing materials, ask around! Reach out to your friends, family and local businesses to see if they have any boxes they are willing to spare. Supermarkets, book shops and offices usually have cardboard boxes that they may be willing to give you. If you don’t have enough boxes to pack all your items, use the resources you already have! Suitcase and, backpacks will come in handy here. Towels, blankets, clothing and any other items that provide cushioning can be used to wrap fragile items, instead of investing in bubble wrap or packing paper.  

    1. Transportation 

    If you have a lot of stuff to move and are thinking of getting help from a removals company, make sure to do your research and pick the most cost-effective option. Some storage companies provide student-friendly services like by-the-box storage, where you only pay for the number of boxes you are storing or shipping to your next home, rather than renting out an entire van. If you are considering renting out a truck or a van, ask your friends who are also moving out – whether they would be willing to share and split the cost. If you only have a few suitcases to bring with you, use public transport. Alternatively ask your family, friends or their families if they can drive you to help you move. You can return the favour by offering to cover their fuel costs or treating them to a meal. There are many ways to move your belongings in a more affordable and personal way.  

    1. Moving Day Essentials 

    Moving day is exhausting and time consuming. To make sure you have sufficient energy throughout the day – rather than spending money on Deliveroo and Tesco meal deals, meal prep and pack your lunch before the day, to save some cash. If you need moving equipment like trolleys and furniture sliders, ask your friends, neighbours or the reception of your student accommodation, instead of buying or renting one.  

    1. Settling in 

    Set up your broadband and utilities in advance. Scheduling start and end dates appropriately will help you avoid any overlap or late charges. Some companies provide student discounts, so ensure to enquire and research before you choose your plan. Looking for new furniture that matches the space and ambience of your new home can be expensive. Consider thrift stores, online marketplaces like eBay and Facebook Marketplace to purchase second-hand furniture, appliances and decorations for a more affordable price. 

    Moving on a budget is not impossible. By planning appropriately, using your already available resources efficiently, and thinking a little bit outside the box, you will be able to move and settle in smoothly without breaking the bank. Happy moving!