Business Storage Solutions: How Self-Storage Can Support Small Businesses

Working for a small business usually means having to take on a variety of tasks and thinking outside the box to make the most out of limited office space. Self-storage is becoming an increasingly popular solution, helping companies to operate more productively and cost-efficiently. This blog will explore how self-storage can support your small business and how you can make the most out of this resource. 

  1. Inventory 

Inventory management is a challenge for many small businesses. Renting out additional commerical space, or even upgrading office space by renovating or relocating to a larger office can be costly and often unnecessary. Self-storage units provide a more affordable and organised alternative. Using a storage unit will help you:  

  • Maximse your current office space: by storing any equipment, materials or documents that you don’t need regularly but are still useful during certain times of the year.  
  • Organise your inventory: sorting items into boxes will allow you to easily label, track and identify what is in storage.  
  • Have flexibility in your storage space: self-storage allows you to change your storage unit size according to your needs, even if your things are already stored there – avoiding any commitments to long-term contracts. 
  1. Document storage 

Most of the clutter in an office is usually paperwork, especially those documents you’re required to keep hold of for a long time. Self-storage is the perfect solution for archiving these confidential documents.  

  • Security measures: storage facilities are usually equipped with strict security measures such as 24/7 CCTV surveillance cameras, gated access, fob or key access to individual units, and individual unit alarms.  
  • Climate control: climate-controlled units provide the optimal conditions for your documents, preventing any damage from humidity and temperature fluctuations.  
  • Accessibility: locate all your documents easily by retrieving them when needed from your storage unit. Avoid the hassle of digging through piles of paperwork to find that one invoice!  
  1. Equipment 

If your business involves the use of large equipment and tools, finding a secure and convenient place to store them can be challenging, especially in a small office. Self-storage provides a solution for these items!  

  • Seasonal equipment:  

If you have any equipment that you only use during certain periods of the year, put them in self-storage and free up the space they occupy when they are not used! For example, if you work in a lawn care business or construction industry, landscaping tools like lawn mowers and trimmers, or snow removal equipment such as snow blowers and salt spreaders – can be stored during the unused seasons. 

  • Large and bulky items:  

Keep any oversized items away from your office to enhance a more organised and productive workspace. Businesses that may relate to this are event planning companies who own tents, seating, tables and stage equipment, or photographers with backdrops, lighting rings and props.  

  • Project based storage 

If you have any items specifically for seasonal projects, storing them in self-storage will allow you to manage and access them easily. If you work in interior design for example, you may have some furniture, decorations and renovation materials that are probably well off in a self-storage facility than in your limited office space during times you don’t need them.  

  1. Renovations and Relocations 

If you are thinking of moving to a new office, or renovating your current premises, it can be overwhelming to even think about moving everything out. This is where self-storage comes in handy. Self-storage will act as the temporary home for your office’s furniture, equipment and inventory, allowing you to move with ease and have a much smoother transition to your new workspace. Some self-storage companies (like LOVESPACE) offer a removals service, where they can pack your office up for you, store the items for as long as you need, and return them back to your new office.

Self-storage offers a flexible and cheaper solution to small businesses struggling with limited workspace. Regardless of whether you are looking to store inventory, documents, equipment or furniture – there will be a self-storage company that can offer suitable services for you. Find your closest one here.